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Topp Gunn PSI Program


  • All lights eligible
  • Inspection of vehicle for any structural repair, alteration, or damage that could constitute a valid arbitration. (based on NAAA definitions / guidelines)

7 DAY PSI: $135

  • Green Light & Green/Yellow Light units eligible (excludes any announced yellow light item)
  • A PSI pass includes an inspection of all major mechanical components, with no findings of any singular repair item that costs $800 or more to repair based on wholesale repair pricing.
    • Wearable items and components not included.
    • Electrical components and accessories not included on units 4 model years and older.
  • Protection good for 7 Days or 150 miles (whichever comes first)
  • Sale Day is Day #1.
  • Vehicle must be returned in same condition when purchased.
  • Communication of a PSI arbitration must be communicated to auction management by calendar day 7.
    • No later than close of business on Wednesday, the week following the sale when the unit was purchased.
  • No guarantee regarding flood damage
  • Topp Gunn reserves the right to repair any identified PSI arbitration.
  • A PSI is a purchased insurance policy by the buyer; therefore the buyer is responsible for the cost of the PSI even if it fails.
  • If a sale is cancelled, the seller is only responsible for the purchase price, and the buyers fee of the vehicle. The seller is not responsible for transportation, or any repairs made on the vehicle.
  • Units not eligible for PSI:
    • Exotics, Heavily modified units, Land Rovers, Jaguars, Electric & Hybrid vehicles, or any other vehicle management decides is ineligible.
    • Units that sell under $2,000
    • Units that are over 20 model years

Topp Gunn refers to and aligns with NAAA Guidelines